Chives after being grown in hydroponics

Chive Facts

  • Optimal PH: 6.1 to 6.8
  • 1260 – 1540 PPM
  • Temp: 65 – 80 degrees
  • Enjoys: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and a good airflow

Chives are one of the most popular herbs to be grown hydroponically. Why? They do not take up much space, easy to grow for the nutrients intake, and can be grown with most herbs. A plus to growing Chives hydroponically is that they are super easy to propagate.

To begin growing this popular herb from seed, you will need to start from seed, or by propagating an already grown plant. Germination takes about 8 – 10 days, ready to transplant to your AeroGarden around 4 -6 weeks. For the liquid nutrient, you can use the same as you would for Parsley, and Cilantro. You will want about 14 hours of light each day for the best harvest.

What people like about growing hydroponic Chives, is that you can harvest and keep harvesting. This herb will continue to grow and grow after each harvest. For best results, place a fan near the chives.

Chives will produce flowers, you will need to pinch these off as soon as you see them to promote growth. When you go to harvest, use sharp scissors, and cut 1 – 2 inches from the base, near the water to allow the plant to continue growing.